Do you want to familiarize yourself with the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Do you want to know why so many businesses use a CRM system? Do you still rely on excel spreadsheets to organize your vital business information? This article is for you! Another question that we will shed light on is “Who is the CRM Specialist?”

You must’ve guessed by now that CRM is a software. You are both right and wrong. Read on! The depth of a CRM system lies in its nature — it serve your needs. Yes, YOUR needs! It doesn’t make you try to adapt to a software. Exactly the opposite! CRM serves your business process. It helps you grow and manage your business. That is why the depth of this topic lays in your specific needs. To say “CRM can do this” or “it can do that” would be a mistake. It can do what you need it to do! And you are different from anybody else! Yes, there are people that do what you do. But nobody does it your way. You are unique and it would be a mistake to make you do things the way others do!

So why CRM?! You know your business better than anybody else! Shouldn’t it be fairly easy to hire a programmer (or a few of them) to put together an efficiency tool for you? Surely those techies have a trick or two up their sleeves that can do a lot for your business. And that wouldn’t even be expensive!

Well..no! There are guidelines and there are best practices and you have to know how to do it right. Programmers don’t know that. Trust me. However, the unique skill of a CRM Specialist is not even in that. It is his ability to analyze your business process and optimize it by applying those best practices to your specific needs. It’s sort of like a trade. You have to know many trade secrets to successfully implement a business system (several of those we give you here absolutely free). However, there is more to it. It is also about something that we call “out of the box thinking.” There is simply no course or trade that teaches it. To be a CRM Specialist you need a rigorous CRM field training multiplied by a serious computer science background, an analytical “out-of-the-box-thinking” mind and the experience going through and optimizing business processes.

The difference between a programmer and a CRM Specialist is that a programmer is a person who can only implement what he is told. A CRM Specialist listens to what YOU want to achieve and thinks of the best solutions to help you reach your business goals.

So what does CRM do more than QuickBooks?!

That’s a fair question. First of all, QuickBooks and Excel Spreadsheets are designed for accounting. So if all you need to do is bookkeeping – by all means use them.

Remember I told you that you were right that CRM is a software, but I also told you that you were wrong? Here is why: CRM is a concept of efficient Client Relationship Management, where nothing falls between the cracks. Everything is transparent, the management can see it all. CRM software is a solution that can be customized to work for you. And a good CRM system has all of the practical features that you need, without the flashy, extra features that you will never use.

Some main areas where a CRM is excellent whether you sell products or services or simply fundraise:

  • Sales Team Management
  • Access Control Level (to manage who sees what)
  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Event Management

..and much more!

Remember that the beauty of a good CRM system is in that it has everything you need under one roof. But if you still want QuickBooks too – that’s also fair. A good CRM system can integrate with all of the other components that your business uses.

At BIGteamCRM we specialize in business process analyses and have an amazing grasp on every aspect of online presence and closed loop marketing. This means that we know how CRM should tie together with whatever tool you use for your business. Be it an eCommerce solution, or a robust website, marketing automation software, a social media channel or all of them together. CRM will be at the heart of your business, it will work like a clock — an expensive clock, that never fails.

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