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  • WEBSITE: Your website should be user-friendly for your customers, and work as a tool for you. Make your site serve your company by elegantly promoting your brands and effectively supporting your customers and providing them information. Your site, when properly designed, can be an invaluable tool for collecting web intelligence, teaching you how your site visitors interact with your company.
  • ECOMMERCE: Start selling online! With one of our custom built e-commerce platforms you can have your website take care of all orders, notify suppliers, and process payments – even while you sleep!
  • SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING: You offer a great product or service – but no one can find you! What’s the good in that? We’re here to help. Organic. PPC. Social Media. Make yourself visible!
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION: Collect valuable lead information right from your site, welcome your visitors through a completely personalized email that is powered with the information they’re searching for. Warm up your leads and create marketing email workflows based on how they interact with your site. Provide marketing intelligence to your sales team so they know what your customers want. It’s powerful and automatic.

Closed Loop Concept

Integrate your site with all of your tools – such as your CRM, your E-mail marketing solution, and your website with all of its functionality, to create a 360 degree view of your customers. Your sales team will know what email marketing reached your customers and what they read/followed the link in the email. Your marketing team will know where the account is holding in terms of the sales cycle. You will be able to measure the marketing effort not only based on conversions, but also based on the amount of revenue received in the long run, thus analyzing your trends on a much deeper level.
Website is integral for any business, and the web development process plays a significant role in determining the success of a business. A website with a good design and layout attracts the customers. A business can initiate an e-commerce site to increase their client base.With organic search and techniques like PPC, you can also expand the reach of your business. The web development Montreal services strive to create a mark among the global audience of the business.

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We at BIG team CRM understands the importance of the web development and cater superior quality services that makes the website user-friendly and attracts customers.
In our own business, our web development Montreal office is the central hub for the management of all projects, teams and other business components. On our own example our server-computers and other web components are actually all over the world with different teams in different locations. So although everyone is familiar with our services such as web programming Montreal location(s) is the place where it all comes together. The less you are tied down to one place, the more you are versatile. Same goes for the software. People used to think that their programs are only made for using them on their local computer. However in our days the different types of software that a business uses needs to be accessible from different locations on the go. Therefore it is imperative to have all your business components strategically available in any other location.